Life Sciences is an exciting and fast-moving industry. Some of the world’s most innovative organisations, from universities, researchers, biotech and pharma giants to start-ups, are working furiously at a rich seam of innovative technologies to produce advances that ultimately make life better for everyone.

Kudos Research has an unparalleled level of data-collection experience in the field of Life Sciences and offer a holistic, solutions-focussed end-to-end services to support the research process throughout. As such, we are well positioned as the leading data collection specialist for this audience globally.


Our detailed grasp of the processes for the discovery, development and commercialisation of new pharmaceutical and biotech products, enables us to accurately identify and engage with experts at each stage of the process. At the research stage in the process, we help clients conduct a dialogue with researchers, lab technicians, lab managers, and procurement personnel in academia, bio-pharma research, commercial/biological research, government, and pharma research.

Testing and Analytics

Once the primary research has been done, thorough testing helps to ensure that the new product really will fly. Understanding commercial opportunity is like learning how a new molecule affects an organism. Just as the novel technology has been proven physiologically, so its performance in the wild must be properly tested and understood.At the testing stage of the process, we talk to lab technicians, QA/QC technicians, lab managers, and procurement in the following sectors - environmental, food & beverage, forensic, chemical & industrial, government, cosmetics, medical labs, diagnostics and testing.


Successful commercialisation all the way from up- to downstream of bioprocesses means working closely with pharma/bio-pharma manufacturing scientists, heads of pharma/biopharma manufacturing, pharma/bio-pharma management, and pharma/bio-pharma procurement in bio-pharma manufacturing, bio-pharma research & development, pharma manufacturing, and pharma research & development.

Kudos Health: Life Sciences Panel of Experts

We have panels of life sciences experts and stakeholders in the US, China, Japan, Korea, the UK, Germany and France. Our panel members stand ready to contribute their insight at any stage. We offer every conceivable methodology for fieldwork, whether quantitative, qualitative, or a mix of both.

We use market-leading CATI and CAWI technology where appropriate to help the research run smoothly and efficiently. We can go in via the phone or online or mixed mode and screen sharing.

Our experienced moderators can conduct depth interviews or recruit for them to be conducted by others.Our work includes online quantitative and depth interviewing over the telephone from our international call centre in London.

Some projects combine these two methodologies. We have conducted depth interview projects involving online max-diff exercises and/or concept testing using screen-shared materials. We have even run recruitment drives to full day workshops.

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